• 30 + Years in the Making of Cosmetics.

    The quality of our products is no mistake. Our head chemist has been the key to developing high-quality
    cosmetics and skincare products.

    For over 30 years, at his lab in Bogotá, Prof Willy and his team have been creating formulations that work.

  • Breathe! To reset. To connect. To transcend.

    Part of our mission is to highlight the importance of self-discovery.

    Setting time aside to practice self-care can be the beginning of improving your day. At CATALINA, we want to be a part of that.

  • Hecho en Colombia

    At CATALINA, we are on a journey to share a piece of Colombia with you. Our inspiration comes from the natural landscapes and the traditions that saw us grow.

    We aim to honor the hardworking people that make CATALINA possible. We are 100% made in Colombia.